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    Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium

    [center] [color=green]====================================================[/color] [b]No CRC ERRORS [color=blue][RAR + 10% recovery.][/color][/b] [b][color=red]WORKING & TESTED on Windows 8.1, Windows Se7en, Windows XP[/color].[/b] [color=green]====================================================[/color] [size=4][b][color=blue]Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium Final[/color] [color=green] ¤ Incl. Keygen-SND/Serials [/color] [color=brown]Released : April 21, 2015 [/color] [/b][/size][/center] [b][i]Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium[/i][/b] protects you from zero-day exploits targeting browser and application vulnerabilities. Its proprietary technology guards you in that critical period between the release of a new exploit and its security patch. And, unlike antivirus products, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium proactively prevents the exploit from installing its payload. Before it can do damage. [b][color=blue]How it works for you[/color][/b] ¤ Three layers of exploit protection (protection against Operating System security bypasses, memory caller protection, application behavior protection) ¤ Proactive technology ¤ Protection for older Windows operating systems, including Windows XP ¤ Ability to add and manage custom shields ¤ No signature database ¤ Small footprint ¤ Anti-malware and antivirus compatible ¤ Blocks unknown and known exploit kits [color=red][b]What it does for you[/b][/color] ¤ Protects browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera ¤ Protects browser components, including Java and Flash ¤ Defends against drive-by download attacks ¤ Shields vulnerable applications, including Microsoft Office, PDF readers, and media players [b][size=18][color=brown]Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium (April 21, 2015)[/color][/size][/b] [b][color=green]New Features:[/color][/b] [list][*]Added new Layer3 mitigations for IE, Java and Office. [*]Added default protection for more popular browsers. [*]Added Chromium-based browser application family. [*]Added new alert window with exploit details. [*]Added protection traybar tooltip notification. [*]Added advanced configuration of mitigations per family. [*]Added configuration for general settings. [*]Added browse button when adding custom shields. [*]Added new mechanism to reduce known false positives. [*]Added anonymous submission of blocked exploits. [*]Added confirmation window for file-format exploit submissions. [*]Added Premium notifications in Free/Trial builds. [*]Added support for Windows 10. [/list] [b][color=olive]Improvements:[/color][/b] [list][*]Improved upgrade process to maintain existing custom shields. [*]Improved visibility in GUI of Management Console exclusions. [*]Improved error and crash reporting. [*]Improved missing GUI notification for guest user accounts. [*]Improved managed installation to avoid Start Menu folder creation. [*]Improved settings tab by removing the need for Apply button. [/list] [b][color=brown]Fixes:[/color][/b] [list][*]Fixed false positive with Word or Excel under certain conditions. [*]Fixed false positive with LoadLibrary exploit mitigation. [*]Fixed false positive with web-based Java applications. [*]Fixed bug with timestamp conversions. [*]Fixed bug which could cause protection to stop during startup. [*]Fixed bug whereby LUA could start/stop protection. [*]Fixed bug when trying to activate invalid license. [*]Fixed user interface bug in settings tab. [/list] [b]¤[/b] [b][i][color=violet][size=18]Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium + Keygen-SND [/size][/color][/i][/b]   http://uploaded.net/file/7dyzi97u/FNN002_MAE.1611019.rar http://rapidgator.net/file/43e24bb1a71d6e5a23a9f7160783c028/FNN002_MAE.1611019.rar.html [b]¤[/b] [b][i]Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium + Keygen-SND [/i][/b] http://uploaded.net/file/qpsbi2jq/FNN002_MAE.1611018.rar http://rapidgator.net/file/c53e3186fa5b819418f0b4fcd34488f5/FNN002_MAE.1611018.rar.html  
  2. tinil730


    [FN161]Bandicam v2.0.0 Build 638 - Final - Pre-Activated ==================================================== No CRC ERRORS [RAR - 9.38MB + 10% recovery.] ==================================================== WORKING & TESTED on Windows 8.1, Windows Se7en, Windows XP. Bandisoft Bandicam v2.0.0 Build 638 - Final - FULL - Multilanguage ¤ Pre-Activated Released : June 06, 2014 Bandicam makes it possible to record a certain area on a PC screen, or a program that uses the DirectX/OpenGL graphic technologies. Bandicam will help you carry out a video record with high compression ratio, while keeping the video quality closer to the original work, and provides performance far superior to other programs that provide similar functions. Bandicam is a high performance Game Recorder, Video Capture, and Desktop Screen Capture program. It's high quality and the recorded file size is extremely smaller than other software. Furthermore, Bandicam minimizes the CPU usage, it will allow a streaming video to be captured in a low-grade computer. Bandicam supports AVI 2.0 OpenDML extensions, so the maximum clip size is unlimited as long as the HDD available. VIDEO-RECORDING of games and streaming videos ? Recording of WOW, Minecraft, Webcam, and computer screen ? H.264, Xvid, MPEG-1 and MJPEG video codec support ? PCM and MPEG-1 Layer II audio codec support ? AVI video format (.avi) support ? MPEG-1 video codec VBR mode support Improved the recording performance by using a hardware-accelerated H.264 encoder. ? Bandicam provides hardware accelerated h.264 encoder ? Nvidia® CUDA/NVENC H.264 encoder ? Intel® Quick Sync video H.264 encoder ? AMD APP H.264 encoder IMAGE-CAPTURING of games and streaming videos ? BMP, PNG and JPEG image format support ? Continuous image capturing FRAME RATE control (FPS management) ? FPS overlay (Show FPS) / FPS limit Key features of Bandicam ? Bandicam can record DirectX/OpenGL programs like Fraps (Fraps Alternative, Better than Fraps®) ? The recorded file size is much smaller than other software (Bandicam compresses the video when recording) ? You can upload the recorded file to YouTube without converting (720p/1080p full HD video can be made) ? You can record over 24 hours without stopping (Auto Complete Recording function can be used) ? You can record video at resolutions of up to 2560x1600 in high quality ? You will experience much less lag than with other capture programs (It uses much lower CPU/GPU/HDD) What can be recorded through Bandicam? ? Various 2D/3D games: Skyrim, WOW, StarCraft 1,2, Minecraft, RuneScape, Aion, MapleStory, Second Life, Age of Conan, EverQuest, etc. ? Internet TV streaming videos: YouTube, BBC, CNN, Internet lectures ? Streaming video playing programs: iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC, GOM ? Various Windows programs: PowerPoint, Excel, Firefox, Messenger ? Desktop Screen, Skype Video chatting, Webcam, HDTV, Java/Flash games, other 3D applications. Operating system: Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7/8/8.1 (Support for 32-bit and 64-bit) What's NEW in Bandicam Version: - 05/27/2014 This new version allows you to use NVIDIA NVENC H.264 encoder, auto start recording function, multiple hotkeys, etc. 1. Applied new Bandicam UI design. 2. Added support for Simple/Extended UI. 3. Added support for the Nvidia® NVENC H.264 encoder. 4. Added a new preset (H.264, 60FPS for Nvidia NVENC). 5. Added the Output tab to manage the recorded video/image files. 6. Added a shortcut to Bandicut for editing without losing quality. 7. Added the auto start recording function. - Bandicam is now able to automatically start recording on Windows startup. 8. Added the show/hide rectangle window function/hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+H). 9. Added support for multiple hotkeys (Ctrl, Shift, Alt key combinations are available.) 10. Increased the dialog font size. 11. Bugs fixed - Delay with the repeat image capture function. Bandicam v1.9.5 Build 510 - Final + Keymaker-MAZE OTHERs https://www.oboom.com/B71KLE52/FN161A1_Ban200683.rar http://www.uploadable.ch/file/j3bSdmFgNQQq/FN161A1_Ban200683.rar http://uploaded.net/file/dhifugbz/FN161A1_Ban200683.rar http://rapidgator.net/file/c065ab58bdd5a908b96d090ad53a30a3/FN161A1_Ban200683.rar.html SAFELINKING https://safelinking.net/p/819b8f0997 Bandicam RePack (& portable) by KpoJIuK [Pre-Activated|Multi/Ru] https://www.oboom.com/F81W4Z3B/FN161A2_Ban200683rpk.rar http://www.uploadable.ch/file/dMtzswtS3DnE/FN161A2_Ban200683rpk.rar http://uploaded.net/file/lvsd7xyx/FN161A2_Ban200683rpk.rar http://rapidgator.net/file/b7440b21e29674ecdb26b4870e9fe1eb/FN161A2_Ban200683rpk.rar.html SAFELINKING https://safelinking.net/p/c46ba7f4a8
  3. tinil730

    AI RoboForm Enterprise

    [FN159] AI Roboform Enterprise v7.9.7.5 + Cracked-TE ==================================================== No CRC ERRORS [RAR - 41.9MB + 10% recovery.] ==================================================== WORKING & TESTED on Windows 8.1, Windows Se7en, Windows XP. AI Roboform Enterprise v7.9.7.5 Final - FULL - MultiLanguage ¤ Incl. Cracked-TE Released : May 30, 2014 OTHERs https://www.oboom.com/L8WXVR3O/FN159_Airobo7575.rar http://www.uploadable.ch/file/ZUkXFHYBFM76/FN159_Airobo7575.rar http://uploaded.net/file/ccylfb1g/FN159_Airobo7575.rar http://rapidgator.net/file/68f03d65598eccfaf75c16e70999c104/FN159_Airobo7575.rar.html SAFELINKING https://safelinking.net/p/4b4f6d3266
  4. tinil730

    Mirillis Action! 3.9.0

    [FN157]Mirilis Action 1.18.0 Final + Crack-XenoCoder ==================================================== No CRC ERRORS [RAR - 25.74MB + 10% recovery.] ==================================================== WORKING & TESTED on Windows 8.1, Windows Se7en, Windows XP. Mirilis Action 1.18.0 - Final - Multilingual - Full ¤ Incl. Loader by XenoCoder Released : March 05, 2014 [spoiler][/spoiler] Mirilis Action 1.18.0 Final + Crack-XenoCoder OTHERs https://www.oboom.com/DZP6HUUG/FN157A1_MAct1180.rar http://www.uploadable.ch/file/CM2f4Cn4YfXZ/FN157A1_MAct1180.rar http://uploaded.net/file/b2vz5ywc/FN157A1_MAct1180.rar http://rapidgator.net/file/46fbe960ddcf8fa7373cc3e4537c6e9a/FN157A1_MAct1180.rar.html SAFELINKING https://safelinking.net/p/e11ab70243 Mirilis Action 1.18.0 Final - Portable OTHERs https://www.oboom.com/WF1Z5MWJ/FN157A2_MAct1180port.rar http://www.uploadable.ch/file/58FEsJJGWxve/FN157A2_MAct1180port.rar http://uploaded.net/file/7hqn77tq/FN157A2_MAct1180port.rar http://rapidgator.net/file/2cebb1513ac31711744eceef833c381e/FN157A2_MAct1180port.rar.html SAFELINKING https://safelinking.net/p/a1bee8df55
  5. tinil730

    Directory Opus Pro 11.7 Build 5372

    [FN083] Directory Opus v11.4.1 Build 5236 + Serial-TSRh ==================================================== No CRC ERRORS [RAR - 19.48MB + 10% recovery.] ==================================================== WORKING & TESTED on Windows 8.1, Windows Se7en, Windows XP. GPSoftware Directory Opus v11.4.1.0 Build 5236 Beta / v11.4 Build 5229 (x86/x64) - Final - Repack Patched [Eng/Rus] ? Incl. Serial by TSRh Released : May 02, 2014 Directory Opus is designed with four goals in mind: ? Ease of use: As far as possible, Opus works just like Explorer does. You don't have to learn any complicated scripting or non-standard mouse techniques to use Opus. If you've ever used Explorer to copy a file, you already know exactly how to do it in Opus as well. ? Configurability: We believe in the user's right to choose how their computer operates. You'll find that almost every aspect of Opus can be changed - from the buttons on the toolbar to the color used to draw the background of a compressed file. Of course you don't have to configure anything if you don't want to - "out of the box" Opus provides a comprehensive set of commands that will let you perform most file management tasks without ever going near the configuration. ? Efficiency: Opus is designed to be as efficient as possible. The entire program makes use of multi-threading to ensure that you should never have to wait for one operation to complete before beginning another. ? Compatibility: As an Explorer Replacement it's important that Opus appears (to the system) just like Explorer does. Within the limits set by Microsoft, Opus achieves this and most software written with only Explorer in mind will still work fine with Opus installed. Just some of the features include: ? Single or dual file displays, with single or dual trees, make navigating and manipulating files a breeze ? Folder tabs let you keep multiple folders open and switch quickly between them ? Integrated viewer pane lets you preview many common image and document file formats ? View and edit file metadata (EXIF, MP3, PDF, etc) ? Sorting, grouping, filtering and searching has never been easier ? Color code or rate your files and folders to make them easier to find ? Batch renaming including the option for a fully scripted rename using metadata ? Support for FTP, Zip, 7-Zip, RAR and many other archive formats ? Access content on portable devices like phones, tablets and cameras ? Built-in tools including synchronize, duplicate file finder, image converter and uploader and more ? Print or export folder listings, copy file listings to the clipboard, calculate folder sizes ? Queue multiple file copies for improved performance ? Support for CD/DVD burning ? Support for the latest Windows features including jumplists and indexed search ? Fully configurable user interface - toolbars, keyboard hotkeys and much more can be tailored to suit your needs ? Efficient, multi-threaded, modern design ? Supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 in both 32 and 64 bit versions What's New in Directory Opus 11: http://www.gpsoft.com.au/help/opus11/index.html#!Documents/Directory_Opus_11.htmChanges in Directory Opus 11.4.1 (Beta) http://blog.dopus.com/ Directory.Opus.v11. by VlVlV OTHERs http://www.uploadable.ch/file/JvFVzx7MkK4T/FN083A1_DO114rpk.rar https://www.oboom.com/GVC0DMPQ/FN083A1_DO114rpk.rar http://uploaded.net/file/osjxcku8/FN083A1_DO114rpk.rar http://rapidgator.net/file/894522dd853c54f32b4f2d2201bb6c4d/FN083A1_DO114rpk.rar.html SAFELINKING https://safelinking.net/p/70426bdbf1 Directory Opus v11.4 Build 5229 - Final (x32/x64) + Serial-TSRh OTHERs http://www.uploadable.ch/file/SUqTKVCmZmtc/FN083A2_DO114.rar https://www.oboom.com/2TW4R1G4/FN083A2_DO114.rar http://uploaded.net/file/7mohnilh/FN083A2_DO114.rar http://rapidgator.net/file/4013e850e3e77d807583238b8bf69eb3/FN083A2_DO114.rar.html SAFELINKING https://safelinking.net/p/c4a3639b0a Directory Opus v11.4.1.0 Build 5236 - Beta (x32/x64) + Serial-TSRh OTHERs http://www.uploadable.ch/file/9kH9dvHmPZcu/FN083A3_DO114B.rar https://www.oboom.com/8KSR2VUJ/FN083A3_DO114B.rar http://uploaded.net/file/j6hjk0d2/FN083A3_DO114B.rar http://rapidgator.net/file/a96bc462303b600873bfe34d20c8493c/FN083A3_DO114B.rar.html SAFELINKING https://safelinking.net/p/80de11f6c5
  6. tinil730

    CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra 18.0.2307.62

    [FN080]CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra 3D v14.0.3917.58 Retail No CRC ERRORS [RAR - 138MB + 10% recovery.] WORKING & TESTED on Windows 8.1, Windows Se7en, Windows XP. CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra v14.0 Build 3917.58 Retail Multilanguage ? Incl. Crack by Kindly/RBC & REPACK by qazwsxe Released : April 11, 2014   CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra v14.0.3917.58 Final RePack by qazwsxe RU/EN [Pre-Activated] OTHERs http://rapidgator.net/file/315253afda3fb2e555c643045876901a/FN080A1_CPDVD.Ultra.3D.v140391758.RP.rar.html http://uploaded.net/file/mg0mko8t/FN080A1_CPDVD.Ultra.3D.v140391758.RP.rar http://www.uploadable.ch/file/eAGsjC2HGQUZ/FN080A1_CPDVD.Ultra.3D.v140391758.RP.rar https://www.oboom.com/CQ1GXNJC/FN080A1_CPDVD.Ultra.3D.v140391758.RP.rar SAFELINKING https://safelinking.net/p/eba00400e0 CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra v14.0.3917.58 Multilingual + Crack by Kindly/RBC OTHERs http://uploaded.net/file/im1ratzb/FN080A2_CPDVD.Ultra.v140391758.rar http://www.uploadable.ch/file/vGnKJXbjcPhP/FN080A2_CPDVD.Ultra.v140391758.rar http://rapidgator.net/file/5d8a4de29f8238dde5478fb97b686f93/FN080A2_CPDVD.Ultra.v140391758.rar.html https://www.oboom.com/Q5R0YQ58/FN080A2_CPDVD.Ultra.v140391758.rar SAFELINKING https://safelinking.net/p/b1d9167ef4 CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra v13.0.3520.58 Final RePack by qazwsxe RU/EN [Pre-Activated] OTHERs http://uploaded.net/file/qzwoqe9c/FN080B1_CPDVD.v130352058.pre.rar http://www.uploadable.ch/file/JjtGJqkUs5FW/FN080B1_CPDVD.v130352058.pre.rar http://rapidgator.net/file/75f7fe9dd12f055beeb27a02f2f8d8c6/FN080B1_CPDVD.v130352058.pre.rar.html https://www.oboom.com/QMMCHZXR/FN080B1_CPDVD.v130352058.pre.rar SAFELINKING https://safelinking.net/p/fe469635cc CyberLink.PowerDVD.Ultra.v13.0.3520.58.Multilingual.Incl.Keymaker-CORE OTHERs http://uploaded.net/file/b7np0l71/FN080B2_CPDVD.Ultra.v13.muti.rar http://rapidgator.net/file/c424feb9b9b8b31d758d849b5c7463b5/FN080B2_CPDVD.Ultra.v13.muti.rar.html http://www.uploadable.ch/file/hftQ2m94ydT2/FN080B2_CPDVD.Ultra.v13.muti.rar https://www.oboom.com/EF90J6F0/FN080B2_CPDVD.Ultra.v13.muti.rar SAFELINKING https://safelinking.net/p/654eab1ea6
  7. tinil730

    Microsoft Office 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019

    [FN066]Microsoft Office 2010 Activation working No CRC ERRORS [RAR - 14MB + 10% recovery.] WORKING & TESTED . OTHERs https://www.oboom.com/KG4PILKW/FN066_atcof2010.rar http://rapidgator.net/file/77bba8f9b6459de9e795a492459cd79d/FN066_atcof2010.rar.html http://uploaded.net/file/uxsqv7ml/FN066_atcof2010.rar SAFELINKING https://safelinking.net/p/0e207e2706
  8. tinil730

    Photodex Proshow Producer & Gold 9.0.3782

    [FN062]Photodex Proshow Producer v6.0.3410 + Patch-KHG No CRC ERRORS [RAR - 59MB + 10% recovery.] WORKING & TESTED on Windows 8.1, Windows Se7en, Windows XP. Photodex Proshow Producer v6.0.3410/v5.0.3310 FiNaL - FULL + Many Style Packs + Video Backgrounds + Frames + Guide ? Incl. Keyfilemaker-RNDD / Patch-KHG / Reg Fix Released : February 14, 2014 Photodex Proshow Producer v6.0 Build 3410 Final + Patch-KHG + Keymaker-RNDD OTHERs https://www.oboom.com/OC6Y2T03/FN062A1_ProShow.v603410.rar http://rapidgator.net/file/78126fe6d712a722a3f0acb8edead590/FN062A1_ProShow.v603410.rar.html http://uploaded.net/file/6aowsuds/FN062A1_ProShow.v603410.rar SAFELINKING https://safelinking.net/p/5a77b265fc Portable ProShow Producer 6.0.3410 ENG - Portable by gvozdik OTHERs http://rapidgator.net/file/c19a228bd04b3d56607aaff898e92c91/FN062A2_ProShow.v603410Eng.Por.rar.html https://www.oboom.com/UWMUX89T/FN062A2_ProShow.v603410Eng.Por.rar http://uploaded.net/file/xb7rc2pk/FN062A2_ProShow.v603410Eng.Por.rar SAFELINKING https://safelinking.net/p/2c2250aa5d Secrets of ProShow Experts: The Official Guide to Creating Your Best Slide Shows with ProShow OTHERs http://rapidgator.net/file/dc47df8179619e6b6b29edc8a25238a0/FN062C_progudid.rar.html https://www.oboom.com/LW566HAT/FN062C_progudid.rar http://uploaded.net/file/2095o4rp/FN062C_progudid.rar SAFELINKING https://safelinking.net/p/935d3509b9
  9. tinil730

    CyberLink YouCam Deluxe 7.0.4129.0

    [FN042] CyberLink YouCam 6 Deluxe v6.0.2728 + Patch No CRC ERRORS [RAR - 491MB + 10% recovery.] WORKING & TESTED on Windows 8.1, Windows Se7en, Windows XP. CyberLink YouCam 6 Deluxe v6.0.2728.0 / 5 Deluxe v5.0.2931 Retail ? Incl. Patch by REiS Released : April 16, 2014 CyberLink YouCam 6 Deluxe v6.0.2728.0 + Patch by REiS OTHERs http://rapidgator.net/file/770ef16b29ba3c4c70513ceffc24d33b/FN042A1_CYC.Deluxe.v6027280.rar.html http://uploaded.net/file/g9gzw0ob/FN042A1_CYC.Deluxe.v6027280.rar SAFELINKING CyberLink YouCam 6 Deluxe v6.0.2326 + Crack OTHERs http://rapidgator.net/file/6b431da20265540b9a10a63733079034/FN042A2_CYC.Deluxe.v602326.Multilang.rar.html http://uploaded.net/file/9f0190is/FN042A2_CYC.Deluxe.v602326.Multilang.rar SAFELINKING [b][color=blue]CyberLink YouCam 5 Deluxe v5.0.2931 Retail [/color][/b] [b][color=violet]OTHERs [/color][/b] [code] http://rapidgator.net/file/42706d1b158a8ee83d0a68b92a28c9b7/FN042A3_CYC.Deluxe.v502931.Final.rar.html http://uploaded.net/file/qwc3o6ys/FN042A3_CYC.Deluxe.v502931.Final.rar [/code] [b][color=red]SAFELINKING[/color][/b] [code] [b][color=red]Holiday Pack 5 [/color][/b] [b][color=violet]OTHERs [/color][/b] [code]http://uploaded.net/file/fvfwplzm/FN042A4_Hiliday5.rarhttp://rapidgator.net/file/0f6be6eb81b1bffe9d46751832b6a0e0/FN042A4_Hiliday5.rar.html SAFELINKING [code=auto:0]
  10. tinil730

    Microsoft Office 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019

    [DX006]Microsoft Office 2010 PRO Plus [ACTIVATED FOREVER] No CRC ERRORS [RAR - 500MB Part + 10% recovery.] WORKING & TESTED on Windows 8.1, Windows Se7en, Windows XP. Works on BOTH 32-bit and 64-bit! NO NEED FOR CRACK! Just Launch And ENJOY! TESTED! Includes: UPLOADABLE http://www.uploadable.ch/file/buFVrecbaTsY/DX006_MO2010port.part1.rar http://www.uploadable.ch/file/ZTeKat2uv7Ed/DX006_MO2010port.part2.rar http://www.uploadable.ch/file/H6Vnz8G779e8/DX006_MO2010port.part3.rar https://safelinking.net/p/30ff1f798a OBOOM https://www.oboom.com/WPGUCPRN/DX006_MO2010port.part1.rar https://www.oboom.com/LMK9IC8F/DX006_MO2010port.part2.rar https://www.oboom.com/9LHXD4MB/DX006_MO2010port.part3.rar https://safelinking.net/p/22065ba535 UPLOADDED https://safelinking.net/p/df7264a3bf RAPIDGATOR https://safelinking.net/p/93a5c2589f
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Real-time operation and customizable, linked batch presets make ACDSee Pro 3 (Mac) one of the fastest, most efficient pro-level photo editing and management solutions out there. Add a powerful RAW processing engine and a full kit of non-destructive editing tools, and watch your post-production workflow fly. Top Features: Digital asset management Organize any way you want. Add metadata, ratings, keywords, categories, and location details to your images. Quickly identify photos for further processing with visual tags and color labels. Make use of powerful search tools to find photos based on almost any criteria. With ACDSee Pro 7, even the wildest of libraries can be tamed. Non-destructive freedom Get set for worry-free, go-for-it creativity. ACDSee Pro 7's non-destructive environment means your original images always stay intact. Preview your changes instantly, hide, reveal or switch up adjustments, and save different versions of your photos. RAW processing See incredibly true-to-life color representation and contrast. Get the correct white balance and exposure, and fine tune tonal distribution. Boost vibrance while protecting skin tones, and adjust saturation, brightness and hue on a color-by-color basis. Avoid color clipping during RAW conversion by leveraging your image's histogram. Super fast viewing Count on ACDSee Pro 7 to display your photos, including the largest of RAW files, exactly the way you want, fast. View your images in real time, from their original locations, since you never have to import them into a separate library first. Patented lighting technology Improve areas that are too light or too dark with the Lighting tool, powered by ACDSee's patented LCE (Lighting and Contrast Enhancement) technology. Instantly lighten shadows and reduce highlights, change the tonal range and color balance, and experiment with single-exposure HDR effects. Brush on selective edits Brush on any editing effect or adjustment to a targeted area of your photo, complete with size and feathering controls to get the exact look you want. Tune your images, sharpen, reduce noise, erase unwanted objects, and more. Powerful batch processing Save an incredible amount of time. Set ACDSee Pro 7 to perform a range of workflow steps on batches of images at once. Convert formats and color space, resize, change filenames, add watermarks, and easily save them as presets to work even faster the next go around. Advanced color control Take full control of your images with Advanced Color tools to subtly fine-tune or dramatically change hue, saturation, and lightness. And a dedicated black and white mode allows you to make hue-based brightness adjustments to your monochrome images, and to add a specific hue back in. Present and protect Whether you share socially, present online, or email directly to clients, showcasing your photos has never been this effortless. And you can count on ACDSee to help you protect all your valuable work, both offline and in the cloud. System Requirements Hardware ¤ Intel Pentium III / AMD Athlon processor or equivalent (Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon XP or equivalent recommended) ¤ 512 MB RAM (1 GB RAM recommended) ¤ 310 MB free hard drive space (1 GB recommended) ¤ High Color display adapter at 1024 x 768 resolution (1280 x 1024 recommended) ¤ CD/DVD Burner - for creating CDs and DVDs MAC ¤ Mac computer with an Intel processor ¤ 1GB RAM minimum, 2 GB recommended ¤ 100 MB free hard drive space for installation ¤ Requires Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, or 10.9 Software v Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Windows Vista or Windows 7 or Windows 8 ¤ Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0+ ¤ Microsoft DirectX 9.0c ¤ Ghostscript 8.0 - for PDF support ¤ Windows Media Player 9.0 ¤ Requires Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, or 10.9 ACDSee Pro 7.0 Release Notes New Features ¤ Tilt-Shift (Edit Mode) ¤ Linear Gradient Tool (Develop & Edit modes) ¤ Radial Gradient Tool (Develop & Edit modes) ¤ Info Palette ¤ Reverse Geocoding ¤ Direct upload to Facebook ¤ Lens Blur (Edit mode) ¤ Sharpen/Blur Brush (Develop Mode) ¤ Nondestructive Repair Tool - Heal/Clone (Develop Mode) ¤ Detail Brush (Edit Mode) ¤ Multiple Database Support ¤ Secondary Monitor Support ¤ Copy/Paste Metadata Enhancements ¤ Enhanced and revised user interface to allow photos to be the center of attention ¤ Automatic distortion correction for DNG files containing necessary correction tags (relevant to micro 4/3rds and other select mirrorless cameras). ¤ Automatically converts RAW and TIFF to JPG when uploading to 3rd party services (Facebook, SmugMug, Flickr, Zenfolio) ¤ Performance improvements made to the Repair Tool ¤ Added support for EXIF, IPTC, and embedded ACDSee metadata to PSD files. ¤ Added support for Samsung maker notes in EXIF metadata ¤ Name of folders can be shown when file names are hidden (Tools | Options | File List | Thumbnail Info) ¤ Improved media player user interface ¤ Ability to extract frame from video file added to media player (Windows 7 & Windows 8) ¤ Ability to specify order of external editors list ¤ Introduced OpenCL processing in the RAW processing pipeline ¤ Allow ability to zoom in on image in Geometry tab of Develop mode ¤ Can import and export metadata presets for easy sharing between different computers ¤ Ability to toggle state of thumbnail overlay icons with [ and ] shortcut keys ¤ Reintroduced the Light color scheme ¤ Easily search for and filter for images that have no keywords assigned ¤ Introduced thumbnail icon that indicates when a file has ACDSee metadata assigned which is not embedded in the image (embed-pending overlay icon). ¤ Added the ability to apply a sequence number to metadata of selected files or to a metadata preset. ¤ Introduced option to not have the 'Tagged' ACDSee Metadata value influence the embed pending flag. ¤ Grouped metadata related commands into a new Metadata sub menu under the Tools menu. ¤ Added the ability to clear the flag which indicates a file has ACDSee database information not yet embedded into a file. ¤ Added ability to right-click on the embed-pending overlay icon to give quick access to the Embed ACDSee Metadata and Clear Embed Pending Flag commands. ¤ Added the ability to copy and paste develop brush and other local non-destructive adjustments ¤ Added support for decoding and encoding WebP image format Fixes ¤ International characters would not encode correctly in IPTC metadata fields. ¤ Lens information would be lost when converting RAW or DNG to JPG. ¤ Hierarchical keywords would not flatten to list of keywords when uploading to 3rd party photo services. ACDSee Pro 7.1 Build 164 Release Notes RAW Support for Cameras ¤ Nikon D610 ¤ Nikon D5300 ¤ Nikon D3300 ¤ Nikon 1 AW1 ¤ Nikon P7800 ¤ Nikon Df ¤ Olympus Stylus1 ¤ Olympus E-M10 ¤ Panasonic DMC-GM1 ¤ Panasonic DMC-ZS40/DMC-TZ60/DMC-TZ61 ¤ Pentax K-3 ¤ Samsung NX-30 ¤ Sony Alpha ILCE-7R ¤ Sony Alpha ILCE-7 ¤ Sony Alpha DSC-RX10 Bug Fixes ¤ Uploading to SmugMug certain RAW file formats would fail. ¤ SmugMug Uploader resize image option would strip the filename. ¤ Edit Mode Resize, fixed cannot adjust pixel dimensions using the spin control. ¤ Fixed Nokia DNG images would show a purple tint. ¤ ACDSee Develop Mode the Filmstrip would not collapse correctly. Supported File Formats ¤ Support for some legacy file formats has been removed from the 32 bit build of ACDSee Pro 7. File format support is now equivalent between both 64 and 32 bit builds. See online documentation for more details. Known Issues ¤ Content of iPhone and other WIA devices does not display correctly when browsed directly with ACDSee ¤ In some cases, on Windows 7 and 8, when a camera is connected to a computer via a USB cable, the Import tool may fail to display media files and will not copy them. In these cases we recommend copying items from these devices to your computer with Windows Explorer or import the media through a card reader. Not Supported ¤ ACDSee does not preserve the transparency in GIF and PNG files ¤ ACDSee does not preserve layers when editing PSD and TIFF files ACDSee Mac Pro 3.6 Release Notes OS X Mavericks 10.9 support added Bug Fixes ¤ Import from Device or Camera, the Option Place in subfolder would produce an error message and the import would fail. ¤ Import from Device or Camera, the Thumbnail Zoom slider didn't work properly on OS X 10.9 ¤ Uploading certain files to ACDSee 365 on OS X 10.9 would sometimes crash ACDSee Mac Pro. ¤ Develop Mode Exposure warning shortcut key did not work. Enhancements ¤ ACDSee Mac Pro 3 now available in German and French. ¤ Help File updates. General Notes ¤ File names that contain &\/:*?"<>| may cause errors when managing or developing on your local hard drive or connected devices, or when uploading to ACDSee Online. Do not use &\/:*?"<>| in file names or folders. ¤ The minimum year that EXIF Date/Time Original can be set to is 1900 using Batch Adjust Time Stamp. ¤ You cannot develop images that are located in a locked folder or a read-only device, such as a CD. ¤ If "Replace existing files" is unchecked in the Import dialog, and the destination folder contains a file with the same name, the file on your camera will not be imported. ¤ In Batch Rename, the Literal token displays @ when a character is typed into the field for "Starting from". Typing a number will resolve this issue. ¤ Saving a NEF image to a compressed TIFF results in a black image. ¤ Supported RAW cameras depend on the latest RAW updates from Apple that have been installed on your computer. 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